Pakistan France Business Alliance organized a discussion session on "The Tax Amnesty Scheme 2018 of Pakistan will be a game changer for Pakistan's Economy"  on May 05, 2018 with Mr. Shabbar Zaidi, an Eminent Economist and Tax Advisor and Senior Partner of AF. Ferguson.

This brain-storming session was very well attended by PFBA members, businessmen, bankers and diplomats. It provided an occasion to the audience to benefit from the assessment of Mr. Shabbar Zaidi of the main Economic and Tax problems facing the country and the type of solutions that people would expect from the new government taken it takes over.

After the address of Mr. Shabbar Zaidi, a lively question-answer session ensued in which questions were asked on many issues ranging from Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Tax collection procedure, Tax Amnesty Scheme 2018, etc.

Mr. Saeed Allawala (Deputy Chairman / Deputy CEO) welcomed Mr. Shabbar Zaidi and gave a brief introduction of Mr. Zaidi. 

Mr.  Jamil Hamdani (Chairman / CEO) briefly enumerated the economic and tax issues which are most acutely felt by those who run the industries, banks and businesses.

Mr. Shabbar Zaidi addressing the audience on "The Tax Amnesty Scheme 2018 of Pakistan"

After the address, a lively Question - Answer session ensured in which questions were asked on many issues.